What signs are best for your business?

Signs can say so much for your business.  There are so many signs to choose from and the type and style of sign used will depend on the individual company.

According to Jamie from Dock Street Signs “A custom sign for your business will differentiate your company from the competition.”  It will show your customers you have a unique quality brand.  You must stand out from the rest and be unique and this can be done by the type of signs you use for your company using a professional to help you.

Here we highlight some of the types of signs you can use to promote your business:-

Internal & External Signs

Both internal and external signs can be used. These can be usedto guide and welcome your customers.  External signs are weatherproof and made of high quality materials that can have your logo printed onto them. Using a professional company means that everything is customisable, so you can choose the colours and fonts.

Directional & Instructional Signs

You can choose directional office signs which can be to direct people using your business or for your doors, to signpost people to go in the right direction in your building.Instructional signs are great for letting people know rules.  Signs can be such as‘no smoking’ signs to ‘turn off your mobile phone’ or whatever signs your business will require.

Promotional Signs

Promotional signs are great for getting your message across to people.  Printing your logo onto these promotional signs are a unique and great way to attract people’s attention to your business. Whilst other forms of marketing have a shelf live, signs are a permanent way to promote your company.

Window & Wall Signage

Window and wall signage is also an option for many businesses.  Made from vinyl so it can be printed or etched onto the surface you require it to be. Remember signs can leave a last impression of your company, take into account the tone and image you want to convey, and get creative!


Banners are a great promotional tool.  These are especially great for networking and business events.  Very cost effective and can be used indoors and outdoors.  It’s a fantastic portable advertising solution no matter what your business is.

A Frame Signs

A frameis also popular and can be put on the street to advertise your business.  This will advertise your company to passer bys and you can use it for promotion purposes too.  This is a great way to increase your visibility as a business and encourage new customers to use your business too.

Your signage will be there 24/7 advertising for you, so it is a great promotional tool to have for your business.  Signs work all year round so this makes them a worthy investment for any company to have.

Signage is one of the most effective marketing strategies.  It is an initial investment but will advertise your company throughout the year.

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