How Marketing Automation Tools Can Improve ROMI

Modern customers expect their companies to know them intimately. Marketing automation enables companies to deliver personalized messaging across the customer journey and can improve return-on-investment and strengthen sales and marketing relationships.

AgencyAnalytics integrates seamlessly with some of the top marketing automation tools, including HubSpot (which offers an all-in-one growth suite), SharpSpring and Brevo. Read on for our curated lists of useful marketing automation tools for agencies.

1. Lead Nurturing

No matter if you’re trying to move leads through a sales funnel, reengage dormant clients or collect more data on existing customers, effective lead nurturing requires setting clear objectives and timelines. For instance, when driving new buyers toward your business you should set benchmark conversion rates against which conversion rates can be measured against.

Content creation is at the core of successful nurturing. Based on each customer’s stage in their buyer journey, you should develop content that addresses their pain points while convincing them why your product or service is best suited.

Setting up a communications protocol between your marketing and support teams ensures all members can communicate clearly when speaking with potential clients, helping prevent miscommunication and provide a streamlined customer experience.

2. Automated Emails

Market automation can save your team time by automatically sending personalized communications that show customers you care. From birthdays to anniversaries, automated emails can keep your team relevant in customers’ minds while helping your team meet goals more quickly.

An email automation tool may enable a brand to send welcome emails and content that educates and nurtures new subscribers towards conversion, providing each customer with personalized, one-to-one interaction. In doing so, trust is built between customer and brand resulting in long-term partnerships between customer and brand.

Moosend offers an email automation feature that enables the system to send a series of automated emails in response to customer interactions with websites, or cart abandonment tracking in order to send cart recovery emails series.

3. Landing Pages

No matter if it’s to nurture leads through the sales cycle or make direct customer purchases, marketing campaign automation enables teams to quickly create landing pages based on products of interest for visitors to see relevant information instantly.

Capital4Startups uses a gated form on its website that asks customers to fill in their email addresses and social media handles in order to receive free funding information. This helps build trust between Capital4Startups and its customers while giving the impression that this offer was tailored specifically for them.

4. Campaign Management

Marketing automation tools give agencies the power to manage campaigns across multiple channels from one central hub. They facilitate communication and team collaboration while keeping everyone up-to-date with campaign progress without needing to check different platforms separately.

Marketing Automation leverages data and automated processes to generate and nurture leads while freeing up time for your team to focus on higher-level strategy development. Furthermore, this reduces manual work needed to meet client expectations.

ActiveCampaign allows you to automate email campaigns, from retargeting ads and postcards, through to nurturing leads using AI and monitoring campaign performance in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Its feature of sending tailored emails relevant to each unique customer makes this software invaluable when managing ecommerce clients.

5. Analytics

Customers today expect brands to make them feel acknowledged and valued, with personalized communications that don’t feel intrusive or spammy. Marketing automation tools help businesses create and distribute targeted, pertinent information to their target audiences without overdoing it.

Many marketing automation tools integrate seamlessly with CRMs, making it simple to collect and analyze customer data to drive growth. Klaviyo provides email and SMS marketing, with automation templates for abandoned cart prevention, order updates and more.

Track and analyze performance with its easy-to-use dashboard for tracking and evaluating campaign performance, designed to make managing multiple campaigns across channels faster while decreasing time and effort to implement your strategy; giving your team more return on investment and less stress overall.

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