How to Translate a Birth Certificate for USCIS?

A birth certificate is a document and official record of your existence. If you are not registered at birth and not having a birth certificate, you are at risk of being denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name, and a nationality. A birth certificate is also a vital tool for a nation’s growth because the process of registration means a collection of data on vital statistics. It is an essential component of national planning for children since it provides a demographic base. How to translate a birth certificate is a question asked by everybody.

Birth certificates are mandatory for almost every immigration process, whether you are trying to get a visa or a PR of a country, maybe with a naturalization certificate. And if you are applying for Immigration, Visa or PR to the USA you should get your birth certificate translated into English. Because this is the most basic and important document which is needed by Embassies at the time of Visa process and later on once you reach that country it is again required time to time for official use in the USA. You looked around for the birth certificate submission in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and had found the matter to be confusing.

For the US immigration process, you will need to give a simple photocopy of the birth certificate and its certified translation into English, which should be interpreted by a professional who is fluent both in English and your mother language.

Sadly, you cannot perform this task yourself if you are the going through the immigration process. USCIS requires that a professional translator translate your birth certificate before you submit any filing including the birth certificate. Though you are good in English and the language of your birth certificate still a certified translator is essential. Translation service providers include individual professional translators and translation agencies. From this, we recommend that you choose a professional translator to complete an accurate translation of the original document. Your translator must provide their name, sign, address, and date of certification to comply with USCIS rules.

Not hiring a professional translator in the first point and getting a faulty translation may risk your chance of a new experience in the United States. When you choose a translator, you should ask for samples of their work first, especially cases of birth certificates that have been interpreted from your language into English. This will provide you with the best view of the quality of output. You should also require the translator for testimonials from happy customers and even better ask for contact details of previous clients who have written testimonials to assure they are genuine. You will be far more pleased with the consequences if you do this initial rather than waiting to check what outcomes you receive after sending your birth certificate to your chosen translator.

You are going to make sure that all the documents are submitted correctly. We are strongly against immigration agents because identity theft is a much bigger problem now than it was ever before. The idea of sharing all of your documents with someone who can forge and cheat in more ways than we can imagine is not something that we advise.

USCIS and many governments keep both a long-form and short-form version of an individual’s birth certificate on file with the most available information on your birth certificate such as:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ full names
  • An official seal confirming that it is an official document from the issuing office

Certified Translation

Certified translation is a specific type of translation required by immigration, high school and college application and enrollment, passport office usage and many other local, state, and Federal government official uses. You should have a certified translation of your birth certificate because it makes your certificate more precise and reliable and official organizations can accept it as a convincing translation. A certified translation always comes with an assurance of accuracy provided by the translator that states that the interpretation is the responsibility of the translator and the signs to that effect.

Certified Birth Translation

Many courts, government firms, and universities along with USCIS will need your certified birth certificate translation. Certifying your translation gives it a legal record trusted by regulatory agencies, educational institutes and licensed industries around the world.

A certified birth certificate translation is signed and declared a correct and accurate interpretation by a professional translator. The birth certificate translation is then further confirmed by an authorized official, such as a notary.

Where Do You Get a Certified Birth Certificate Translation?

Several online certified translation companies and translators can offer you a certified birth certificate translation service. Always make sure to have professionals translate your birth certificate so you can be all set when you’re in another country!

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