Look at the amount of money, sometimes running in millions of dollars spent in the marketing of a particular product by a multinational company. Well, any project by a multinational company is a dream comes true for any advertising company. Well, the marketing arena is cutthroat competition, and you would either have to stay intelligent, or perish.

Marketing requires for you to hire the brightest minds in the business, create ad campaigns, and ensure that a comprehensible brand image is created for any particular product. The result would be the effect of having a marketing channel in place that not only seems intelligible to the general population, but would definitely encourage them to purchase the product. For example, an actor or an actress from a Third World country looking to make it in Hollywood would require a wonderful marketing team in place so as to get the exposure that he or she deserves in Hollywood. As it is, Hollywood is a tremendously competitive industry. So, marketing plays a very big role when it comes to providing the certain leverage the personality needs to flourish in this industry.

Marketing is not only about products, but also about a particular brand. Yes, the amount of money that you spend in marketing will be directly proportional to the kind of exposure that you can expect for that particular product. However, at the end of the day, if you would like to generate interest and create a buzz for your product, you need marketers that have a wealth of knowledge, and know the pulse of the common man. So, if to let the marketing team decide upon your target audience, the kind of instruments that are to be used in order to convey the image of that particular product, and the shortcomings of the item and how you can seriously mask it.

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