What Courses Should You Take to Complete an Accounting Major?

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If you want to pursue a career in accounting, you’ll need to take courses related to business and the finance fields. Accounting majors must complete 120 to 123 credits to graduate. You’ll also need to complete a number of general education requirements. These courses are part of the core curriculum. There are also many electives that you can take. Here are a few options to consider. These courses may be a great way to round out your major.

A number of internships are available to students, including internships with regional and national companies. The Accounting Association also holds Meet the Firms Night to help students network with regional businesses and public accounting firms. These internships can lead to full-time positions. This is a great way to get a taste of what the accounting profession has to offer. You can also get an idea of how you can make yourself more marketable after you graduate. Regardless of the location, internships can be an excellent way to build a professional network and find a career in accounting.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting can open many doors. This career is particularly rewarding if you like math and have a keen eye for trends. As an accountant, you’ll consult with businesses, governments and nonprofits. Consequently, your analyses will need to be complex, detailed, and data-heavy. You’ll also learn about financial statements and accounting principles. You may even be able to pursue graduate studies in accounting. Then, you’ll be well-prepared to take the next step.

After completing the requirements for an undergraduate degree in accounting, you can continue your studies with an advanced degree. You can take courses that are required to get a professional license in the field. If you have a passion for taxation, you can consider a graduate program in accounting. In addition to undergraduate degrees, students can also complete a Master’s degree in accounting to become a Certified Public Accountant. To graduate with a Masters in accounting, you must have a high GPA and complete specialized courses.

A Bachelor’s degree in accounting can lead to a variety of careers in the business world. Some graduates start their own accounting firms, while others choose to work for Big Four firms or in the government. A few go on to become CFOs at major corporations. To get a degree in accounting, choose a school that has both business and accounting accreditation. Rutgers University offers small classes and engaged faculty. If you’re looking for a top-notch education, consider an undergraduate degree in accounting at a business school.

Depending on the school, a traditional undergraduate program usually requires 120 or more credits. It’s considered a four-year degree, but many students take longer than four years to complete. If you’re interested in taking the CPA exam after graduating from college, you should speak with an academic advisor as early as possible. They will be able to help you meet the requirements for the exam. The degree in accounting is also great preparation for an entry-level job in the field.

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